Good Spirited Sourcing

Our vision for Responsible Sourcing is for all of our raw materials and packaging to come from sustainably sourced, renewable or recycled materials ? reducing environmental and social impacts, while maintaining or enhancing the economic status of growers and suppliers. Our Responsible Sourcing program, now in its sixth year, aims to deliver this vision.

Bacardi?s Responsible Sourcing standards outline the standards we require of our suppliers in the areas of labor, human rights, health and safety, environment and business integrity. We ensure our suppliers comply with our standards through our internal procurement processes or by suppliers? membership in Sedex, the database for sharing supplier information on ethical business practices.

19% Sugarcane-derived products
covered by either an EU or US
recognized certification
40% We are on track to ensure that at least
40% of the sugarcane-derived products
used to make BACARDI Rum will be from
certified, sustainable sources by 2017


Responsible sourcing standards

Our Responsible Sourcing standards apply to all suppliers providing goods and/or services to Bacardi. The standards encompass what we expect from our suppliers in terms of labor standards, human rights, health and safety, environmental protection and business integrity. They represent minimum standards, and we encourage suppliers who seek to implement higher standards within their operations. We seek to gain agreement on and compliance with our Responsible Sourcing standards from all our suppliers. For more information, please visit FY14 CR Report.

Third-party Responsible Sourcing audit schedule

In fiscal 2014, Bacardi partnered with Sedex, the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical, supply-chain data. The organization provides a third-party Audit Management Service which enables Bacardi?s suppliers to drive and report Audit program based on Ethical Trade Audit Protocol (SMETA). Delving deeper into our Direct and Point of Sale (POS) supply chains gives our Procurement team better quality information on the suppliers? level of engagement with our Responsible Sourcing program. For more information please visit our FY2014 CR Report.