Clearly Commited People

Our People strategy is built on the belief that outstanding people will deliver excellent results. We aspire to unleash the potential of our people who are valued for their individual contributions to their teams and to the Company, and are recognized as the envy of the industry. By demonstrating “values-based” performance (a commitment to our values of Trust, Passion, Caring and Excellence), our people are the best ambassadors for our brands and our Company.

Within the People pillar, we believe that performance and values are equally important in delivering results. We are building a culture where performance is measured by the outcomes achieved AND the way they were achieved. This equation of P (Performance) + V (Values) = Y (Yes) demonstrates our commitment to growing and rewarding employees that deliver both as they help to make the Bacardi culture stronger.

86% of our employees are proud to
work for Bacardi.

40% of our employees attended Women In
Leadership(WIL) awareness sessions

People Strategy

To Bacardi, outstanding people are talented and engaged employees who are valued for the unique contributions they bring to the Company. Our People strategy is designed to bring out these characteristics in all of our employees.

Our goals are to :

  • Get top talent into key roles
  • Drive succession planning & development
  • Make Bacardi, faster ,more effective and efficient
  • Drive values based performance
  • Make Bacardi, "the Place I want to Be"