Clear Respect

Bacardi’s values, such as Caring and Excellence, are a key driver of our commitment towards the Environment and the Safety of our people. We have a clear goal to achieve best-in-class environmental and safety performances, through the creation of focus programs as Good Spiritedand Safety First.

Our Environmental sustainability strategy aims to reduce the impact of our operations and across our entire value chain, involving all our employees and our suppliers.

By making Safety First our priority we aim to develop a true and solid safety culture that will allow us to deliver our vision for an accident-free Bacardi.

65% Reduction on the LTA Rate in our
manufacturing sites compared
to FY2014.
32.3% Reduction in GHG emissions since
the benchmark was set in 2006.


We have a responsibility to minimize environmental impacts across our value chain

In fiscal 2014 we launched our Company initiative Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future, and rollout the Bacardi sustainability program within our Global Operations function. This fiscal year we continue to integrate the benefits of sustainability into our brands to support business growth and to ensure responsible, sustainable sourcing practices. For more information please visit our FY2014 CR Report.

We have a responsibility to keep our people safe at work

Our vision is an accident-free Bacardi. In fiscal 2014, we embarked on an upgraded five-year Health & Safety strategy. It was introduced in fiscal 2015 with the goal of putting ‘Safety First’ to achieve accident-free environments. For more information please visit our FY2014 CR Report.