Our corporate values of Trust, Passion, Caring, and Excellence guide our approach to Corporate Responsibility. We are focused on developing a leading Corporate Responsibility position by delivering continual improvement and excellence in our performance and by creating a Corporate Responsibility program that is best in class.

Corporate Responsibility Governance and Management

Overall responsibility for Corporate Responsibility rests with the office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), which updates the Board and Chairman once yearly.

The Corporate Responsibility Leadership Team (CRLT) sets and delivers the goals of our Corporate Responsibility strategy. It updates the CEO and Bacardi Global Leadership Team (GLT) on a regular basis. The CRLT comprises senior managers from various global functions and business units and is led by the Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Corporate Responsibility.

CRLT members work with their functions and regions to develop action plans to achieve the objectives of our Corporate Responsibility pillars.

Board and Chairman
President and CEO
Global Leadership Team
Corporate Responsibility Leadership Team
Environment, Health and Safety
Responsible Sourcing
Philanthropy and Community Involvement
Our governance structure

Each of the five pillars has its own strategies and targets, which are delivered through coordinated activity by the relevant global functions and/or operating companies.

Senior executives from across Bacardi’s business functions contribute to the CRLT, and are drawn from global operations, human resources, legal, sales, corporate communications and external affairs departments. This group is led by the Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Corporate Responsibility

Communicating Corporate Responsibility Internally

We use the Corporate Responsibility community on our ONE Bacardi intranet to communicate with employees on a regular basis. The Corporate Responsibility community is one of the most popular on ONE Bacardi and is a good way of raising awareness across the Company.

Reporting Progress

The CRLT reviews progress on Corporate Responsibility on an ongoing basis and provides regular updates to the GLT.

Integrating Corporate Responsibility

We have made significant improvements in aligning business processes across our global organization and have increased efficiency by focusing more sharply on the strategic objectives of the Company.

For Corporate Responsibility, this enhanced business alignment and strategic focus takes two forms. First, Corporate Responsibility has begun to evolve from being a specialist program within Bacardi to becoming an essential way of working that will be integrated throughout our entire business by 2015. By involving our people and functions in Corporate Responsibility activities, and engaging with our brands on aspects of sustainability, we will embed Corporate Responsibility within the core of our operations.

Second, we have updated the individual strategies for each of the Corporate Responsibility pillars, setting targets for 2015 and beyond in some cases. By aligning this program with other business initiatives across the Company, Corporate Responsibility will be better able to support our wider business goals.